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Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars

The inhabitants of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars called their planet Barsoom. For all my life, I just assumed that Burroughs had just made this name up, out of thin air. Having looked over the name again recently, I now think … Continue reading

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Free the Corporation

If you are out shopping around for a cause, let me bring you a new one. Corporations everywhere are being persecuted. I don’t think its out of line for me to speak for these corporations. Later, after the cause has … Continue reading

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The language of love leaves a lot to be desired. Think of it. “Be mine” is probably the most used Valentine and candy heart slogan. “I’m Yours” was a recent big hit by Jason Mraz. We’ll even say “who belongs … Continue reading

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Taking the Voluntary Out of Volunteer

Some time ago I participated in a program that helped people who hadn’t worked in a few years get a job. Part of the program was working at a volunteer job for a few weeks. Now I never thought about … Continue reading

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An Unsaid Ethnic Slur

In a way, I’m jealous of black people. It’s definitely not the years of slavery (yes it existed in Canada, too, only it ended sooner). And it’s certainly not the 100 years it took to attain full civil rights. It’s … Continue reading

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