The language of love leaves a lot to be desired. Think of it. “Be mine” is probably the most used Valentine and candy heart slogan. “I’m Yours” was a recent big hit by Jason Mraz. We’ll even say “who belongs to your heart?” and other morally challenged things. When we all know you can’t own anyone. And no one can own you.

We enter into voluntary agreements. Contracts that are mutually negotiated. So, even though it may appear that someone owns someone, no one is actually owned. There are idiots who try, though. They get a hit man instead of a divorce. One very high stakes game that will end in jail for the one and death for the other.

And this idea of ownership can be carried on into other relationships. Some parents see themselves as owners of their children.

It was reported yesterday in the Waterloo Region Record that a Hamilton-Wentworth dad, Steve Tourloukis wanted to be warned if any school lessons conflicted with his views. His quote on the matter? “My children are my own. I own them.”

Pardon me but weren’t many laws passed banning slavery? That’s what ownership means. In this and other democratic countries. Didn’t some people go to war to rid themselves of the scourge of slavery? I fear for the safety and wellbeing of this Tourloukis’s children.

I didn’t realize that we were allowed to suggest things that were immoral and illegal. Since we can, I nominate Steve Tourloukis for sterilization. That way we can make sure that he doesn’t own anymore of his children.

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