Near Absolute Hero

Near Absolute Hero’s specialized gun, attached to his backpack by a hose, can cool things down to near absolute zero which is what gives him his name. Due to the laws of thermodynamics, the gun produces more heat than it cools. This radiates out his backpack. His wings beat the heat away from his body. Oh, did we mention that he flies, too?

Mother Earth supplied the exoskeleton with wings which was a classified project by the Pentagon. It has an engine that can beat the wings for hours as well as giving a mechanical edge so Absolute Hero has more strength and endurance.

Near Absolute Hero has ideal powers to be a superhero for firemen. He can fly up to people that might otherwise have to jump to safety. He can gently fly them to safety. He can cool things like propane tanks that would otherwise blow up and risk the lives of firefighters. When things are out of hand in a fire, he can cool hotspots.

Near Absolute Hero knows his name is awkward but it has the power of an “I’m with stupid” t-shirt. But where the t-shirt uses its power for evil, his name power is for good, calling someone near him an absolute hero.