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Famine and Cannibalism

In my news watching lifetime there have been three big famines: the Ethiopian famine of Bob Geldof fame, the Malawi famine of 2002 which was given little press, and the current Horn of Africa famine. Despite brutal circumstances and horrible … Continue reading

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The Future of Tobacco

I’m going to put on my lawful evil cap today to describe where big tobacco is today and where it will be tomorrow. For years big tobacco has faced declining sales in the developed world. To offset this they have … Continue reading

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Glowing Cats

Now that the world has discovered green glowing cats the question is why. This article gives a picture as well as a more complete story. Apparently scientists inserted monkey genes in cat eggs that protected against feline AIDS. As a … Continue reading

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Why Cats Don’t Rule the World – Yet

What follows are the reasons that cats have not become our overlords yet. Despite what they might think. 1)They stealthily stalk new people, but instead of pouncing on them, cats sniff their feet. Sorry cats, but that’s not really regal. … Continue reading

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Waterloo Region Citizens

I’ve had a handful of searches land on my site looking up “geographical humour”. I’m a bit surprised because I thought that those who were into geography were, as a rule, humourless. Since this might not be the case, I … Continue reading

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The Tag Conspiracy

It was about 4 years ago when this Hanes ad was given heavy rotation on television. For forty years I had existed without even once consciously thinking that my shirt’s tag made me itchy. But I tell you after seeing … Continue reading

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“My Shower Curtain is a Slut”

The following letter was sent to this site as a comment on my post The Horny Shower Curtain. I have moved it over here to its own area for comments: Dear Many Rants of Larry Russwurm, I’ve looked all over … Continue reading

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