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A Cheap Papercraft Future

This first of my cheaply wrought photographs shows me with something on my left forearm. You see with some of the flexible, paper thick computer hype, the obvious has been thrown about: the prediction of wearable computers. That is my … Continue reading

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Crappy Quotes

In this recent Yahoo News/ CBC article, a police officer of the mounted division in Toronto tries to rationalize why police don’t have to pick up after horses, or at least make their mounts wear a diaper. Sgt. Kristopher McCarthy … Continue reading

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Another Gen X Manifesto

Gen Xers differ from each other. That is the reason there are many Gen X manifestos. So listen up baby boomers and those who wish to know more about Gen X. Baby boomers started as a group by events that … Continue reading

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An Incredibly Vile Insult

Just this weekend I was insulted in such a vile and terrible way that I had to share it with someone. Michael Adams of Environics was the name caller. He called me, and indeed everyone born before 1970 and after … Continue reading

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Why Shih Tzus Aren’t so Yappy

When I was an adolescent I vowed I would never get a small breed of dog. The non stop yapping from these breeds really threw me for a loop. Some things I do, like reading, demands enough concentration that I … Continue reading

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Repercussions to Corporate Personhood

Many rights have already been given to corporations that were previously seen as distinctly human rights. I suspect that corporations will press on until they are given the right to vote. So what, you may say, small corporations would now … Continue reading

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Bye Bye to the Space Shuttle Program

During the Space Shuttle’s last flight this week, many have with melancholy said bye to the whole Space Shuttle program with heaviness in their hearts. I’ve had a heavy heart, too, but largely this post says goodbye to a joke, … Continue reading

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Naturally when I heard the name of the royal couple (Will and Kate) being the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, I suspected that they would visit the city directly to the south of me when they chose to visit Canada. … Continue reading

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