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In this recent Yahoo News/ CBC article, a police officer of the mounted division in Toronto tries to rationalize why police don’t have to pick up after horses, or at least make their mounts wear a diaper.

Sgt. Kristopher McCarthy says of horse $#!+, “Within two to three days [horse] manure will just dry out and blow away”.

Before some of you agree because an authority figure told you, let me tell you that I grew up with a horse and a pony. Of course they used to $#!+ in their enclosure, largely in the same spots so they could eat the grass in other spots. This horse $#!+ would be there for months if not forever.

And in the winter, the horses would have to spend the time in their shed. My dad had to clean it out every once in a while, thus the manure pile we had came from those horses. It didn’t blow away. My dad was an avid gardener and that manure helped him to grow 11+ foot high sunflowers.

And to hammer the point home, the area I was raised in had lots of old order mennonites who still used a horse and buggy to get around. Horse $#!+ on the road lasted much longer than 2 to 3 days. Sgt. Kristopher McCarthy, you are a spreading tall tales. I know it strains the mounted police to have to pooper scooper their horses. But stop making excuses and just do it.

Also attributed to Sgt. McCarthy is the idea that horse droppings do not have any harmful bacteria like dog $#!+ does. Now, am I going to trust his word after the first lie?

Sgt. McCarthy says that “The difference between dogs and horses is that dogs eat meat and horses do not eat meat.”

Does that mean that vegans can defecate anywhere and it is alright? Imagine that unsightly mess everywhere.

Obviously, the fact that a horse is a vegetarian makes little difference. Remember the Walkerton tragedy? Vegetarian cow manure was the ultimate cause of the deaths of seven people and also sickened thousands.

I’m afraid we’ll have to disregard nearly everything that Sgt. Kristopher McCarthy says about horse $#!+. Nice try to keep your horses undiapered, but you have been caught.

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  1. Fun Fact:

    Legendary Toronto Maple Leaf captain Daryl Sittler worked as a street sweeper in his youth, clearing the horse manure deposited by Mennonite buggy traffic on the streets of his hometown, St. Jacobs.

    (Maybe that’s why Waterloo Region won’t name an arena after him.)

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