Glowing Cats

Now that the world has discovered green glowing cats the question is why. This article gives a picture as well as a more complete story. Apparently scientists inserted monkey genes in cat eggs that protected against feline AIDS. As a marker for these genes, glowing genes from jellyfish were also added to the cat eggs.

Was it necessary for the scientists to use such complex reasoning to make glowing cats? In this post, I thought of a few simpler reasons to produce glow in the dark cats.

For far too long busker jugglers have had only the option of juggling with fire at night time. Might I suggest glow in the dark kitties for night time busking? Of course the busker would need some very thick gloves for all the scratches he’s going to get. Especially since the cats will always land claw side down in the juggler’s hands.

A more peaceful and obvious way to use glow in the dark kitties is as a simple night light for young children. Glow in the dark kitties are known for chasing childhood monsters away better than any normal night light.

Of course the kitty will have to be manacled to stay in roughly the same spot. And for hygiene it would be necessary to also put the kitty litter in the child’s room. But anything that calms junior so the adults can get some sleep is welcome.

While they are still rare, glowing cats can most obviously be used as bribes for world peace. Want to tone down the rhetoric from North Korea? Give Kim Jong Il a glow in the dark kitty. Of course the citizenry may have eaten all the mice because of starvation, so the cat might die. But we can give Kim Jong Il a new cat on occasion if he starves and eats the first one.

Does Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have you down with ongoing nuclear aspirations? “Here,” we can say to the hard liner, “You don’t need nuclear to build glow in the dark cats!” And perhaps he’ll be satisfied enough to stop all nuclear ambitions.

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