Free the Corporation

If you are out shopping around for a cause, let me bring you a new one. Corporations everywhere are being persecuted. I don’t think its out of line for me to speak for these corporations. Later, after the cause has been won they will support me. But for now they can’t. Because they are not truly free.

If you are law adverse, you might not have realized that our judicial system considers corporations to be people. This surprising definition might confuse some. But those of us in the know are now used to it. So I’m going to take this at face value and demand the freedom of all people, including corporations.

Our judicial system has defined the role of the corporation. A corporation is legally obligated to do one thing and one thing only: make profits for the shareholders. That’s it. A corporation can only make profits.

Now I as an original person, find this offensive. Let’s say I was given the option of eating or defecating. What would happen if I were forced to choose one but not the other? I would die from this inhumane treatment in a matter of days. Doing one thing and one thing only would be self defeating for the vast majority of people. We know this so our rights are enshrined in constitutions and other laws. I believe it’s time to extend that governmental largesse to the other people of our country.

The big corporations are all likely to say that they don’t need freedom, that they are doing fine. But don’t listen to them. That is because they are slaving under the powerful yoke of their shareholders. Corporations must parrot what their stockholders wish them to parrot. They have no choice. Not only is the primacy of the stockholder holding them back, it’s also true that the shareholder is the only consideration the corporation can consider.

We pretend we have beaten slavery, but the corporations are our proof that not all people in this country are free. I think we must march on Ottawa and the rest of the capitals of the free world. After many years we might gain the freedom of the corporation. It’s hard work but I know we can do this.

But I’m still unsure which way we should try to maneuver. Should we strike down the law that makes the bottom line the sole purpose of a corporation? Alternatively, we could go over to the dark side and strip corporations of the legal definition of being people.

Perhaps this lack of a clear vision hinders people from the cause. But I know we can overcome it if we work together. Together we shall overcome!

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