Man Eating Aliens: It’s Time

It’s a common expression; animals are fattened up before the harvest. You’ve heard it, I’ve heard it and you can bet your bottom dollar that the intelligent aliens checking us out have heard it.

Now would be the logical time for the slaughter of mankind and the alien feast. Obesity is at record levels world wide and, as more countries become capable of a North American lifestyle. they are going to eat. So now is the time for North America to be harvested. If there are really aliens that love eating partially intelligent species, that time has come. Because North Americans are learning more about food and what makes us fat. They are even investigating things like epigenetics to turn the power down on some of the genes that make us fat. Aliens, the time must be now.

But the longer that obese North Americans stay off the dinner plates of the superior aliens, the more I think aliens are almost exactly like humans in their choice of diet.

If the aliens are only middle class, I bet that they would choose abundant foods over good for you foods. Only the upper class will choose lean meat. But if the aliens are really more advanced than us, they’ve quite possibly raised the lower and middle classes to the position of the upper class. I’m betting the aliens want lean meat, rich in protein and low in fat.

I think the aliens were responsible for that light bulb moment that Charles Atlas had. 98 pound weaklings have too little meat on their bones to be tempting to our alien harvesters. Charles Atlas on the other hand would probably be considered a feast by the aliens.

So weightlifting culture has grown. From the Mr. Universe pageants to Arnie, Sly, Lou and Mr. T becoming household names, those upper class aliens are preparing for a harvest. Soon there will be a tipping point in the number of weightlifters and at long last the alien farmers can eat.

Protein your name is weightlifter.

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