June 2024 Grab Bag o’ Humour

The Professional Women’s Hockey League (the PWHL) has as it’s championship trophy, the Walter Cup. I have to question the name of said cup.

It’s not as if I like telling women what to do (Indeed I don’t like doing it – I instead love doing it!), it’s just that Walter has always been a man’s first name to my knowledge. After I heard about Walter as a first name, I heard about Walters as a last name. Only because of this cup did I learn that Walter could be a last name.

I bet there are many people like me who thought at first that the PWHL was honouring a man. On what should primarily be a woman’s stage. I say take the money from the Walter family, but name the cup something else. How about using a feminine name?


Maybe they were just running out of ideas for names when they colonized Texas, but a lot of the names for their settlements were taken from people’s names. There’s Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Fort Worth among others. These are just some of the biggest and most important places.

Why is there such lack of imagination among Texans when it comes to naming their settlements? Well you may have heard that everything is bigger in Texas? How about the men. Like Austin. He’s so big and so strong that he’s the equivalent of 2 million 273 thousand people. Or don’t fight Jeff Houston. It’ll be like fighting 6 million 800 thousand people at once.

Well there it is. Perhaps Texans have good imaginations, after all.


When a road splits, it is said there is a fork in the road. But I think the word fork comes from 4k, meaning there should be four tines. Most times there is not a splitting off into four roads from one road. So instead of calling it a fork in the road, I propose one road splitting in two be called a Y in the road.

If the road splits up into three we could call it a trident. If there are more than 4 tines or directions, we could call it a comb. All these rules should be used for any relevant splits. So you would have a tuning Y, and you would speak with a Yd tongue.

Let’s make forks make sense!

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