Even more suspiciously, Canada finished the Vancouver Olympics with 14 gold medals. This many golds is a record for any winter Olympics by any country. Bear in mind Canada’s Own the Podium program has only been going for 5 years and official word had been that 5 years was too short to win in the gold medal count, let alone set a record.

Open Call for Cartoonists;

Not surprisingly, I received no submissions of artwork. I thought I was dealing with too small a pool of people and was right about that. I will eventually get around to cartooning the two IOC cartoons. They’ll be up well before London 2012 for those who might want to link. Now that it’s past the date for the Vancouver Olympics, the VANOC cartoon will never be drawn. Too bad because after Canada’s good showing (see above), I’ve heard VANOC being praised more than I’d like.

But mostly I feel I got no submissions because I referred to potential submitters as victims. As one victim to potentially another, I’ll try to sharpen my language next time.

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