National Boss’s Day

I’ve only heard of National Boss’s Day over the last little while. At the time of writing this, it is nowhere near that special day and I refuse to promote it to you. Since I am between bosses right now allow me to offer an unbiased view of this special day.

First of all, according to this Wikipedia article, it was first registered as a special day at the Chamber of Commerce. Were you expecting it to be registered at a union? And the woman who registered it first worked for … her father. Maybe that’s not quite incestuous but it certainly is nepotism.

In my humble opinion every day is boss’s day. Some might work hard but others don’t. Some are competent but some are not. Some raise the level of their business. Others run it into the ground. And many bosses are ogres. Remember you cannot spell boss without SOB.

Some of you want to remind me that it’s not necessarily the boss’s fault. Many bosses have their own bosses. I say let’s go right to the top. How about the CEO or COO or whoever is running a big business? These high placed individuals constantly remind us that their bosses are the shareholders. Let’s start the giving of National Boss’s Day there. I say that all CEO’s should give flowers or candy or at least a card for every share of their company.

Let’s not stop at the private sector. The public sector enjoys the presence of bosses, too. The top of my federal government is prime minister Stephen Harper. And he says that the voters are his bosses. If he wants a gift for National Boss’s Day he’d better be sending out his own gifts to all the voting aged people in the country.

Oh and I challenge Stephen Harper and the CEOs or COOs to do all of this with their own money. After all, that’s what your staff is forced to use.

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