An Offbeat Strategy for an Offbeat Party

Update: I was down Bleams Road today (January 22) and the sign is down. Which is too bad, really, because I might have done another post by getting a group of people around the sign, holding up their index finger as part of the one sign campaign I envisioned for the Greens. Did someone actually read this site and then pull the sign down? I like to think so. Because I didn’t get a picture of the sign with a snowy landscape, I have no proof that it was up as late as January. Did the sign exist and what is reality? Only I and the sign taker know for sure.

I was under the impression that in Canada, after a federal election, signs must come down. But the federal election took place on May 2, 2011 – some 7 months ago, and Albert Ashley’s sign on Bleams Road in Kitchener by the train tracks is still up.

I would have snapped a picture for this post, but only infrequently do I travel Bleams Road and of course I had no camera with me yesterday when I spotted it.

I think the sign being up is no accident. Albert Ashley was the Green Party candidate and I suspect they are trying unconventional strategies to get somewhere in our first past the post system where the majority of votes can be considered meaningless.

Here’s what I think. They are directly trying to compete with the mega wealth of the Conservative Party that slags other leaders in their negative campaigns. These campaigns don’t respect the former laws against electioneering outside of election windows. The Greens have found a cheap way to positively campaign for their guy outside the campaign – just leave up the election sign.

But then, wait, why didn’t the Greens leave up all their signs from the last federal election? I think they are showing their hand for subsequent elections. One solitary sign shows that they are being good for the environment. Congratulations Green Party. I’m glad you are thinking so seriously about your carbon footprint.

Indeed they probably hope that the single sign will create such buzz in my community that it will be worth the hundreds, even thousands of signs the other political parties will use. Indeed, I’ve begun buzzing on this blog site and who knows what other local sites will follow. Maybe the mass media will get involved at some point – especially when the next federal election begins.

Don’t waiver Greens, even if the other parties call you out for sign pollution at out of bounds times. There will be people jealous of this strategy so even if some government officials talk fines, ignore them. Greens can rally around that one lone sign. If they pull it up, replace it with a new one and say the authorities are forcing you to pollute more.

Reuse is one step above recycle. Green power!

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