Poor Harper – He’s Jonesing Right Now

It’s been about 8 months. Or 254 days. That’s about 6 096 hours. Poor Stephen Harper. That’s how long it’s been since he’s run an attack ad.

Who could have foreseen it? Both major opposition parties being leaderless this long. The Liberal thing might have been expected – they went from being the 2nd place party to 3rd. But who foresaw the untimely death of Jack Layton, leader of the New Democrat Party?

Harper is jonesing and it shows. Pass this half @$$ed bill. Pass that half @$$ed bill. Let’s omnibus some together. Let’s omnibus a lot together. Stack the senate even more to ensure ease of passage in a speedy time. His make work for himself project probably helps a little in this trying time.

Anything to take poor Harper’s mind off the fact there are no attack ads on TV about even one of his opponents. His cabinet has stood firm. No attack ads against the Greens leader Elizabeth May because that’s a way of admitting the Greens are a real party.

When, oh when will the Liberals and New Democrats pass all the hurdles and other rigamarole on the way to attaining a new leader?

And you know Harper wants to start. He now has two leaders he needs to denigrate before a national audience. As soon as he had the current majority, you know he was looking ahead to what it will take to get a second majority. That massive Conservative war chest better be big enough to attack two opposition leaders for about 3 years. Because as soon as he can, Harper will begin.

And attack ads at all times of the year pay off. It worked for Harper getting him into government and then again to getting his majority last time around. It even worked for the provincial Liberals in Ontario who softened up Tim Hudak of the Progressive Conservatives before the official election began. Dalton McGuinty fell short of a majority by one seat, but that’s good enough to govern for the time being.

Of course Harper likes to attack. Why else have pitbull John Baird in the cabinet these many years? Why else would he sully the reputation of Stephane Dion, then Michael Ignatieff and even toward the end of last election, Jack Layton? I think it’s a stress release for Harper.

He needs his fix but he is going to have to wait even longer. Because you see, at this stage no one feels like being kind to Harper.

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