Are Secret Blondes Dumb

Last post I brought up the idea of “secret blondes”. They were young people who start out blonde but in adulthood end up with dark hair, people whose hair turns blonde by too much sun exposure, and white haired elderly people whose hair colour could also be called blonde.

My mind kept churning on the topic. I try many points of views – a lot of the time that’s how I come up with blog posts. Anyway I tried on the idea that maybe secret blondes are dumb.

You see, kids are stupid – that’s precisely why we don’t allow them to vote. And people should know by now not to spend so much time in the sun that their hair turns colour. You’d have to be stupid not to know this. And white haired old people? Well can’t old mean senile and thus quite stupid?

I didn’t want and don’t want any blondes thought of as dumb which is why I don’t like “proving” that “secret blondes” are dumb. So I thought some more and came up with defences.

Kids aren’t really stupid, they just don’t have a large knowledge base to help make wise decisions. Some people can’t help the amount of time spent in the sun – they are working. But now knowing more about sunscreen and how much you need, you can help protect your skin. Your hair doesn’t need much protection from the sun for health – the visible parts are dead. So your hair may bleach blonde but you can still be intelligent about it by protecting your skin. And finally, not all people who get white hair become senile.

Sorry for arguing both sides, but now I’ve ended where I want to. Secret blondes are not dumb.

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