On Santa

Some years ago I traveled to Buffalo, New York with my Dad. While there, we went to a second hand shop. On the wall ( I forget if it was for sale or not) was an elaborate etching. I’ve crudely drawn the outline of it below. As shown it contained Santa and all his reindeer and the simple point “If Reindeer could fly…”

Now I know a bit about engineering and mechanics and the etching was correct. If Santa’s sleigh were pulled by the reindeer in the ordinary fashion, this is exactly what would happen. There has to be another way. I’ve mentioned this to a few of my interested friends. The more science adept agree with the etching.

But one of my friends, Jerome Watson, suffers from insomnia and he claims to have seen Santa on Christmas Eve one year. He says that the Standard Model of Santa’s sleigh being pulled by reindeer is incorrect. He told me how he saw it the one year. Now I’m not going to relay what he saw until after I’ve seen for myself. I don’t want to unfairly prejudice the public’s opinion.

On Christmas Eve this year, I will stay up for Santa’s arrival, There are a few kids in the neighbourhood and at least one of them must have been good. I will keep watch and hopefully sketch my results for you. Unfortunately I don’t have a camera that can shoot in the dark very well, so the sketch will have to do.

I’m an amateur astronomer so I’ve sketched things in the night sky before. I will use a red light flashlight which will allow my eyes to remain dark adapted. I will try to publish my findings on Christmas day.

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  1. t3h faek says:

    Obviously the harnesses, reins, and sled provide the lift. The deer provide the thrust. Santa provides the presents =D

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