Happy Blogiversary

Today marks my first complete year of blogging. Like most bloggers I’m stat obsessed so let me share some with you.

I’ve written 82 posts. That’s one a week for the first half of the year then all the way up to two posts a week for the second half. I never thought at the beginning that I’d be able to put out two a week but here we are.

I get over 100 unique visitors a day. That’s been steadily increasing – it was much lower at the start of the year. In total I’ve garnered over 7500 unique visitors and with them got over 45 000 pageviews.

More interesting is to see which blog posts got the most views. With my stats the way they are, I can only name the top 3. They are “The Horny Shower Curtain”, “What I Don’t Like About Asimov’s 3 Laws of Robotics”, and “Theme Songs and Age of Shows”.

I knew there would be buzz about my take on Asimov’s 3 Laws of Robotics. It’s not every day that you find flaws in a set of short stories and books. But Asimov’s own success led to this, I came up with my problems without referring to an Asimov book or story. You see I had memorized the 3 Laws of Robotics. I was actually trying to see if I could extend or build upon them and found the flaws instead.

So I’m a bit surprised that The Horny Shower Curtain was the most popular of my posts. It’s not as totally original as one might think, I know I’ve heard the phrase “overly amorous shower curtain” before. I’d say where I heard it but I don’t remember that. If anyone knows please comment and I’ll post it. I added the correct reason for the ‘horny shower curtain’. It is indeed because of the partial vacuum in a shower. I forgot why this is so – I did a project on about 20 vacuum creating systems and machines and how they are measured – so many that I only remember a couple. But now we have the internet and I rediscovered the answer just a minute ago. The moving water moves the air and moving air is less dense than the air on the other side of the shower curtain. Which creates the partial vacuum. And no, I didn’t really ask all the people I said I did. I’m a firm believer that if a tree falls in the forest it does make a sound.

I’m most surprised that “Theme Songs and Age of Shows” is the third favourite post. I didn’t even draw a straight line graph for it though that was ‘drawn’ with words. Maybe people are captivated by the almost disappearance of the television theme song.

I can guess at the other most popular posts because I check my stats regularly. The No Name Decades, Not Novel and What Has Fair Trade Coffee Spawned were all in the top 3 at one point. Squealing on my Bacteria and Virus Overlords, Rap as Social Engineering, They’re Coming, I Believe in Astrology, Blast from the Past II, Playing With Bitstrips, And Some Think Hawking’s American Accent is Funny, Metallica’s “One” Not So Bleak, and Slackers are/were popular posts. So if you just want to navigate my “best of” that’s a good start.

I get rid of many comments with hardly a second thought. Most of these are spam. If you want your comment to make it, something as simple as mentioning part of the post makes it obvious that you are not spam.

When I started out, it was as a joke site. Set as my default category is “Humour”. But it was apparent very early on that some of the posts I meant and was really ranting about. Thus I added the category “Wee Bit O’ Humour”. So if I added as little as one joke, I could put the post here. Half my posts involve this newer category. What can I say? I grew into my blog name and am really ranting half the time.

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