Two Thoughts

Maybe one day I will get into the Denting or Tweeting lifestyle. But so far my thoughts I’ve thought worthy of publishing to the world are too large for Twitter or even . So here are two thoughts that are too long for Twitter or, squeezed into a post.

Thanks to bald people, we are aware that facial expression covers all the seen parts of the face and neck – and not a square centimetre more.

I guess we are always to be kept in tune with what our contemporary humans are about. We need to see their emotion, possibly this could be life saving. We can find what is really important or at least important to the person displaying the emotion.

But evolutionarily, I think, we kept growing. Sometimes it wasn’t beneficial for all to know what we are feeling. For that reason, I think, men evolved beards to partially cover their faces and not let their emotions betray them so easily.

For this reason, I think bearded men are natural negotiators or poker players.

Maybe this inequality bothers humanity. Which could be why many men shave their faces completely.

Charles Dickens just went down 18 notches in my opinion. You see I just noticed there is a ghost of Christmas present. I never before got this two word pun.

Indeed it might be that the whole story, The Christmas Carol, was built up for the sole purpose of dispensing this pun to the world. Did I say 18 notches? Charles Dickens you’ve gone down 54 notches in my opinion.

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2 Responses to Two Thoughts

  1. paul says:

    hey larry i know you will get a kick out of this site. it is so YOU

  2. Larry says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I just quickly scanned the site but it looks good.

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