Alright, I’m mega years late to the party. I’ve known the song December by Collective Soul for ages but never knew all the words till I bought the CD on sale earlier this year.

Firstly December’s not like September where there are at least a handful of songs that mention this month in the title. The Collective Soul ditty is the only December mentioning song that I know.

But here’s what I now know is contained in the lyrics : “December songs no longer I sing”.

Because of what I stated earlier it can’t be songs that mention December in the title. Which leaves us with only one choice: they are referring to Christmas carols.

It doesn’t look like the band is overly bitter about the holiday – it just looks like their heart was trampled on in December.

But still I am slightly relieved to hear that. Why? Because it means that Collective Soul is not a Christian rock band. They toe the line rather close as “Shine” mentions heaven a lot and “The World I Know” seems spiritual. And then of course there is their religious seeming name.

Why should I care? Well I’ve seen them live and have enjoyed the music for years. I don’t mind the odd religious song from a good act, like say U2, or Supertramp,or XTC it’s just that I’m biased against completely Christian rock bands.

What a narrow focus if all the songs have some kind of religious purpose. It’s like writing all songs about being dumped by a redhead on Fridays. It’s so narrow it ceases to be entertainment to me. And it can’t surprise me.

Collective Soul, at least, surprised me with their anti Christmas carol stance even if it’s for only one song.

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  1. Luane Russwurm says:

    Collective Soul specifically claim to NOT be a Christian band despite broader spiritual themes.

    Ed and Dean Roland are children of a Baptist Minister.

    Still, a few days ago, the singer, bass player and drummer played the song ‘Go Tell It On the Mountain’ at a live show. : )

    The name ‘Collective Soul’ is based on a concept by author Ayn Rand.

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