The Machinations of Plastic Surgeons

Plastic surgery may look pretty good to us who are unbeautiful. Maybe plastic surgery is a conduit to a pleasant, superficial life. But what lies behind the dark doors of that profession?

There is no undo button on plastic surgery. If you get an operation you might have some scars. If you try to undo the operation you might look the same as you started only with two operations worth of scars.

That’s looking at it from your perspective. Perhaps there’s an undo button from the surgeon’s perspective. There just might be but it’s macabre. I don’t believe I’m the first to think of this. I believe many surgeons have thought of what I’m going to relay. And the human species being what it is, it’s even probable that some surgeon has acted on the idea.

The surgeon’s undo button would be the next patient. You see, as with any surgery, there is a risk of death with plastic surgery. Now let’s say the plastic surgeon has horribly ruined the operation. Doesn’t the idea of letting the patient die on the operating table cross their mind? Then the surgeon can pretend the death was an accident. And there would not be living proof of a patient that has gotten uglier instead of more beautiful.

Indeed, once it has come to the attention of the union of plastic surgeons, would it not be for the betterment of this organization to kill off any number of horrible accidents from the operating room.

Loved ones would know that the victim had died without healing first from the surgery. Thus, if the operation was on the face, closed casket ceremonies would be provided. Clothes would cover the other types of plastic surgeries.

If the plastic surgeon union found one member was having too many “accidental deaths”, then perhaps they would censure him and perhaps take his licence. Here is where we might catch the conspiracy in the act. Perhaps the plastic surgeon union would replace him with someone who is more artistic rather than someone more competent at medicine.

And if this more artistic surgeon had fewer deaths than most plastic surgeons, you could bet that the undos in plastic surgery were happening exactly as I stated it.

So what can you do if you’re interested in plastic surgery even after what I’ve explained to you? Just put yourself in the mental mode that you’ll either become more beautiful or die trying. Which, knowing of the death rate, you have to do anyway.

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3 Responses to The Machinations of Plastic Surgeons

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  2. Max Palazola says:

    A lot of people believe that by going to a board certified plastic surgeon they are guaranteed to have flawless results. This is a misconception as healing of operated tissue is affected by multiple factors, a lot of them uncontrollable. The best any surgeon can do is provide advice on tending to the wounds.

  3. TROY TOBAR says:

    illuminati truth or fiction and information is extremely hard to come by and when you do it is hardly ever credible. When my boss sent me your link I thought he was joking at first. It is a little disturbing in more ways than one that the state of the world today is closer to the WarGames reality than we ever thought possible. Thank you for offering such an authoritative approach to the truh, especially in these most confusing of times.

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