The Sister Wives Belong in Jail, Too

They just replayed the Oprah episode where she interviewed Kody Brown, his three wives and one girlfriend. This was one huge advertisement for the Sister Wives TV show on TLC and polygamy.

Oprah was trying to keep an open mind (I think that’s why she wasn’t asking tough questions) and the three wives, or sister wives (teehee what a cute name) seemed to be not controlled to do something against their will. So I guess in Oprah’s mind that made it fine.

And the people that the family knew could say ‘the Brown family is the polygamous family I know’ (teehee just like saying you know a gay family). So of course the Browns know monogamous families.

And one of the wives was let go from her job working for mental health when her employers knew about the show and thus her home life. So they face bigotry like any put upon group.

All this stuff is important because right now a trial is underway about the Bountiful, British Columbia polygamists to decide whether anti polygamy laws are valid according to the constitution.

When bigamy or polygamy is brought up everyone looks at the wives as the only possible victims. I say let’s look at the children.

Let’s say they treat the girls wonderfully. This is not the case with all polygamists but let’s say it’s true in these cases.

Let’s say the average in a polygamist community is to have 4 wives per husband. The children in healthy communities are split evenly between boys and girls. In populations as a whole there are usually slightly more women but that’s because women live longer than men.

For each boy to get his 4 wives that means 3 boys need to be run off. There is only one place for these boys to run to. Non polygamist communities.

How do these boys behave with one mother and ¼ of a father? And education in these polygamist communities sucks in general. So those boys that get run off are a problem for non polygamist communities. Not to mention they skew the boy girl percentage in those communities that are nice enough to take them in.

So those too-nice sister wives have created a bad scene for most of their sons. And that is why I think these sister wives belong in jail. Not as long as their husband, mind you, but still they should serve some time.

So polygamist communities need our monogamous communities to run their boys off to, but monogamous communities don’t need them. Indeed if polygamy actually gripped the entire world it would have to be by determining the sex of fetuses and aborting ¾ of the males (teehee the polygamists can survive as the only society thus proving naysayers wrong).

As for the freedom of religion excuse that these polygamists might bring up, I offer up next Saturday’s post where freedom of religion is the weak sister of all the constitutional rights.

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  1. t3h faek says:

    Might provide some evolutionary pressure which has been pretty much lacking for humanity as of late.

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