There’s a Fine Line Between Scientist and Supervillain

When you hear in the news that a meth lab or ecstasy lab has been busted you have to wonder who were the scientists that strayed into a criminal lifestyle?

This means that not every scientist sees their pay as being sufficient. Usually their pay is comfortable enough to put them in the upper middle class. And most scientists are satisfied and work on their prestige. There are a number of outlets for this, they could develop something new or untried, publish in journals, give the human race a better handle on this universe etc.

Some scientists don’t do this and instead go rogue. I’m just wondering why they don’t seem to go totally rogue.

You see if comic books have taught us anything it is that supervillains are commonly scientist inventors. Lex Luthor, Dr. Sivana, Doctor Octopus, and even James Bond enemies were all super villains. And they all had enough gadgets to attempt to stymie Superman, Captain Marvel, Spiderman, and James Bond.

What if some of those illegal lab scientists choose to go totally rogue? We have no superheroes that might match them power to power. We would be helpless to stop their advanced sprees of crime.

This would be incredibly lucrative. The supervillain scientist might have a monopoly on certain powers and could easily break into any bank. So where are the supervillain scientists?

My feeling is that morally suspect scientists are deliberately enlisted to work for the various militaries of the world. They are lured with higher pay than other scientists and are kept by the spy service and military they serve.

What superpowers have been developed? Full scale war between the developed world and other strong militaries hasn’t happened since World War 2. The only way we would find out what powers have been developed would be by risking nuclear war. So maybe we’ll never know what powers have been developed.

So the potential supervillains remain part of the military. Perhaps that’s the only “safe” place to keep them.

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