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Punch Up

I keep shaking my head when I hear comedians lamenting the idea of political correctness. They are worried about being cancelled for coming up with a joke that is not politically correct. Note also that political correctness comes from a … Continue reading

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Things That Make Sense Can Be Deeply Funny

I was going to rail against a quote in the Natalie Imbruglia song Wishing I Was There. But the two lines “I wish you made sense, Like a joke that no one gets” are fine sentences and don’t need to … Continue reading

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How Art Made Me Fail a Science Course

Whereas my last post wast kind of boastful of my unique handwriting, this post is the opposite. Being an artist, taking science courses is usually just a bit curious. Usually it only has slight ramifications. Like for graphing in 3D, … Continue reading

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The Key to Majority Government in Canada

Deep in the darkest recesses of Ottawa sits Stephen Harper, plotting his majority government and all the wonderful things he will do if he ever gets one. But I have news for you Mr. Harper. I have analysed the last … Continue reading

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Seemingly, I Already Know What’s Under Those Clothes

Those new airport scanners that reveal the naked you are still stirring up controversy. The scanners show people as naked who walk through them and are also supposed to reveal things such as explosives in your underwear. People seem most … Continue reading

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