Maybe Trump Wasn’t Too Far Off When He Said Kim Jong Un Loved His People

Perhaps Trump is on to something. What does a dictator most fear? His people. Which is why Kim Jong Un is most ruthless with them. Who do his people most fear? Why Kim Jong Un. They are locked in this fear/fear relationship.

Is Trump mistaking fear for love? Could be. What does Donald Trump most fear? Why the people he has let get close to him. They haven’t turned their back on him quite yet. And what do these people most fear? Probably being left out of the wealth and the inheritance he might leave them.

It’s just that every time Trump asks these people what they feel for him they simply say love. And knowing the Donald he probably ruthlessly tests them from time to time.

Would you still love me if I was a racist? Yes seems to be the answer they have given him.

Would you still love me if I was a philanderer? Yes also seems to be their answer to this one.

Would you still love me if I was poor? Trump himself is too fearful to ask this question. This locks him into a fear/fear relationship with those close to him.

Donald likes to think of himself as a good judge of horse flesh. But he colours his judgment with his own experience. So I think he truly believes Kim Jong Un loves his people. Fear, along with love is a great motivator. Perhaps that makes the two hard to separate in Trump’s mind.

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