What If Other Activities Were Like Hockey?

“What was thought to be a close match of hopscotch between Emma and Samantha, has turned into a rout by Samantha. Emma hops just as well but Samantha’s aim today is impeccable. Watch that concentration as she throws a perfect 9. While Emma is stuck on 4.

“Wait a moment, Emma is approaching Samantha before the hop and punches her in the face. Emma cannot handle the stone back penalty if Samantha doesn’t hit back. But wait one moment, Samantha snaked out a leg that trips Emma then gives three really good punches in the face. Emma is not having that so quickly gets up and they are trading blows. Finally the referee holds back Samantha while the lineswoman pulls back Emma.

“The board says they are each getting their stone pulled back a square. It was really good to see that emotion from Emma. That means she is not quitting no matter how far back she gets.”

* * *

“The Belt technician arrives at the land line box first and proceeds to do a work order. A disgruntled Rutgers technician knows he is late and knows that he will get behind today since he let lunch go long. So he has almost no choice. He parks a few car lengths away and hopes the Belt technician doesn’t see him until too late.

“Since the Rutgers technician is a class player he clears his throat getting the Belt technician to see him one moment too late. The Rutgers technician simply lifts the Belt technician’s jersey over his head. The Rutgers technician freely punches the blinded Belt technician before being ejected for a few days. The few days is managed by the land line league. The land line league polices itself so the cops are never called in.”

* * *

“The judge and bailiff have kept at the ready for this case. The public defender is clearly a goon what with his physique and a number of teeth missing from his mouth. The bailiff and judge knew that if the public defender didn’t want to start anything he would have his false teeth in and look like a million dollars in his suit.

“Here comes the objection from the prosecution. The public defender leaps across the table and tries to catch the prosecutor off guard. But the prosecutor covers up his face. The public defender gets a couple blows to the stomach of the prosecutor. The bailiff is just as big as the public defender and almost tears him away from the prosecutor. The judge’s added weight gets the prosecutor out of harm’s way.

“That’s how you do it kids. Make your opponent pay for each good play. By the way, what’s the trial for anyway?

“Ha, ha! Why it’s for aggravated assault. Now we know why the defendant chose this public defender.”

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