The Racist Party

During Ontario’s last election, I picked on one of the big parties for being “the party of the intolerant”. This was my first humourless post, I was that serious about the allegation. You see, every election cycle it seems that that party (The Progressive Conservative Party) always ends up having a scandal centred around a party member’s extreme intolerance.

Always the party apologizes. But the story made the news. Enough so that bigots everywhere might decide that this is their party. If it didn’t happen each election I might not mind. I think it happens every election for a reason. The Progressive Conservative Party wants the bigot vote.

Apparently this is also true in the United States. Which is the party I say represents the bigot vote? If you know much about US politics you have already answered in your head.

I’ll give you a hint. It is the party that at a recent convention had a couple attendees throw nuts at a black camera woman and say, “this is how we feed animals”. If you’ve already followed the link you have found it was Republican Party attendees who did this.

I believe the true intent of the Republicans is to court the racist vote. Only problem is that this is the stupidest election to do it in.

The Democrat candidate is of course Barack Obama and he is half black. In a two party system, the Republicans will already have the racist vote.

If this is a strategem of the Republicans, it only rubs salt into all the intolerance wounds. This will only anger the reasoning undecided. Maybe this time the Republicans have chosen to live or die by the intolerance flag.

If Republicans don’t like my pointing fingers than perhaps they could use a little more self control or could police themselves better.

So why does it always seem that it’s the right wing party that’s intolerant?

And I realize the irony that by pointing this out, I might be helping the Republican Party to court the bigot vote. It’s a risk I’m willing to take as I’m pointing this out from Canada.

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