Homeopathy and the High Price of Chemicals

Homeopathy is the discipline (hah!) that states that a properly diluted chemical can still have an effect on your immune system. The dilutions are so extreme, that there is either a vanishingly small amount of the original, active ingredient or maybe none at all in the final dose. Proponents of homeopathy pounce on this point as a positive, saying that is why homeopathy is so safe.

Dilutions can be done with water or another liquid solvent. For nonsoluable solids, the alleged active ingredient can be ground down and then mixed with, say, powdered sugar. The solvent or powder is at least 90% of the combo with the other 10% or so being the active ingredient, of which 10% is taken and added to a new 90% solvent or powder. This is repeated a few more times till that active ingredient is almost nonexistent in the final product.

But wait a minute. Since this effect is so successful for a human’s immune system (say the proponents), I guarantee if this is true it must also be successful in other areas of study. Nature rarely wastes a good idea in only one sphere. Nature tends to use good tricks again and again.

We all know that chemicals can get expensive. If a solvent or powder can retain memory of a chemical for the immune system, I say we begin to see if this is true for more systems. Maybe it is true in inorganic systems. If so we might be witness to huge shifts in manufacturing.

If you could do the first couple of dilutions of an expensive chemical, since we only need 10% of the first dilution, we could either use that other 90% for more homeopathy or rescue 90% of the active and presumably expensive chemical. Thus, you could have most of your chemical and use it, too.

Manufacturing might be problematic at first. How could you make solids out of a solution or powder? Well you could add a fixative to the powder or maybe freeze the solution. But a fixative adds impurities and freezing needs a cooling system. Well that cooling system could all be made up of frozen homeopathic solutions. And we needn’t have an infinite regress as that first cooling system could make itself cool enough to be frozen where needed.

With the high price of chemicals, homeopathy would vastly lower the price of manufacturing as water is plentiful and even the distilled kind is relatively cheap. Powder could be similarly made out of inexpensive things. Things would be so cheap we could bring Chinese manufacturing to its knees. All around the world, prices would go down.

So next time you hear the word homeopathy, don’t say “Bah, humbug!” like me, instead say, “That’s the future of manufacturing!”

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