Newfoundland Houndstooth

When I was a kid, houndstooth patterns were in style, although I never heard the term. The pants I had my mother just called a checkered pattern. But now larger houndstooth patterns are in style (shown here) so I noticed something I never thought of before.

 The basic unit of the houndstooth, I now think of as being the island of Newfoundland. If you squint at the pattern you might see what I saw below. There it is, at the top is the Northern Peninsula. On the right is the Avalon Peninsula. It’s just a detailed enough representation of Newfoundland, I can say where Cornerbrook should be. Also Gander and St. John’s.


 And for those who know the song “I’se the B’y”, the area of Fogo and Twillingate can also be roughly found. I have yet to have found Morton’s Harbour on any map of Newfoundland so I guess I’ll never know what the ‘circle’ was like.

 And did you ever notice that Labrador slightly resembles the island of Newfoundland in shape and is only a bit bigger in size? Not only do you have to squint to see that in houndstooth, but it helps to cross your eyes as well. Labrador is perfectly situated and angled to be the next iteration of the basic shape that makes up houndstooth.

 Now that I’ve brought this to your attention, I hope you get the horrible affliction I have. Every time I see these big new houndstooth patterns, I only catch myself after I’ve picked out Newfoundland for the ninetieth time.

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