The New Political Movement

We’ve all heard of recent burka bans in various European nations. Now I was thinking about pointing out that the nun’s habit is along the same lines but…

Then it occurred to me, the full repercussions of these new laws. We are now able to legislate that women have to wear less clothing. And hardly anyone is crying foul.

Indeed, the anti burka laws are being promoted as being good for women’s rights. I can hear the chant in my head as I write this, “Less clothes, women’s rights! Less clothes, women’s rights!”

I can see this movement spreading as teenage boys finally join political parties for the first time. Next on the agenda will be the nun’s habit, and the movement will spread to other areas of clothing.

Feminists will adopt a “right for the weather” clothing strategy. But nice summer days could result in mandatory bikinis for all females.

Maybe in an effort to keep women’s rights aligned with the less clothing movement, the Gwen Jacobs law will take effect. Women will be allowed to take their tops off but only if they want to. The teenage boys won’t know the history of Ontario to know that law has been on the books since Gwen Jacobs’ famous stand (1991-1996) – and hardly any females since have felt the need to take their tops off.

Eventually the various factions would split and the movement would end. Still we’d have that nice chant to remember the movement: “Less clothes, women’s rights!”

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  1. Robbin Peles says:

    Greetings. I concluded you dont care me commenting in your post. I want to get of a hold of you but I didn’t find your contact details. I would like to subscribe to your blog but I cannot find your RSS subscription link. thank you…

  2. Larry says:

    The main page of this blog is . To get the RSS feed , go there and scroll to the bottom of the 10 most recent posts. There you will find an RSS link. I’m at . And to successfully post a comment in the future, try to include something about the article you read. I don’t like approving automatic trolls.

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