The Mitt Elects Mitt, After Mitt Disses the Mitt, After Mitt leaves the Mitt

^That title makes sense if you realize that the state of Michigan is “the mitt”. Look below to see my drawing of Michigan. The lower, bigger, more populous part of Michigan looks like a mitt, hence the name for the whole state. More completely it might be call the mitt and the sideways icicle.

So the title explained is: Michigan elects Mitt Romney in the Republican primary, after Romney dissed Michigan a couple years ago by voting for no bailout of the auto industry, and Romney left Michigan many years ago but it is his home state.

This site is sometimes known for its geographical humour. But I don’t have nearly as many jokes about place names as I had for the southwestern Ontario elephant. Probably because I don’t live in Michigan. However I can say that Detroit is the muscle of the opposable thumb and thus very important. Port Huron and Flint are the thumb knuckle and thus flexible. Kalamazoo is the wrist – I’ll leave it to Michiganers to say whether that’s limp wristed or not. But most importantly, Cadillac is on the fingers, at about the ring finger, at about the spot where you would put a wedding ring. That’s right Michigan is just a symobole that some people want a Cadillac instead of a wedding ring.

And the mitt and the icicle is a good symbol for the winter, but what about the caving mitt and the sideways stalactite for the summer? And once global warming completely takes hold we can call Michigan the oven mitt and the weird fish stick.

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