Solving the Exercise Difficulty

There is a loophole in my post of last week. In that post I explained that couch potatoes if they exercised 15 minutes a day to get 3 years of extra life, this was equivalent to 1.2 years of solid work to get 1.8 years of bonus life. The loophole of course is that you can exercise while you’re sleeping.

But how? Some of you might point out that people become paralysed during sleep and thus don’t act out their dreams. But of course we know of sleep walkers and other sleep movers so all that’s necessary is a shift in the brain.

Hypnotism is the shift I’d like to look at. Imagine with the right hypnotist you needn’t stop at 15 minutes a day of extra exercise you could do an extra hour of exercise. This increase has a correspondingly larger gain in life extension. But I think the hypnotist might look at some of these exercises one might do and use common sense in the application.

For instance she might command you to walk around the block for a few minutes of sleepercise. But your subconscious doesn’t know about traffic rules. Or you might be mistaken (almost correctly) for a zombie and be shot by one of your neighbours. Better that your hypnotist has common sense and avoids this by making you run on the spot in your bedroom for a few minutes.

In-home exercising seems best but it isn’t automatically safe. For instance if you were to use weights, bench pressing is out (because of course you don’t have a spotter). And squats with weight in your sleep just sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

Then there are exercise machines. I can see them all being dangerous without consciousness.

So low weight exercises and simple things like leg lifts, crunches, push ups and other calisthenics should be good for your post sleep exercising.

And upon hearing about this loophole and workaround, expect hypnotists to follow up on the idea. After all, your body will be increasing in strength so expect to need to go back to the hypnotist every two weeks or so to increase your regimen.

I only see one possible side effect: perhaps you won’t feel as rested from sleep any more. Ah well, whatever will be, will be.

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