Obese and Wonderful

The obese and wonderful segment of the population, while perhaps being bad in a few ways, is good in at least one way.

Of course much of the public would see any increase in obese numbers as bad and unwanted. Indeed America and its increasing obesity has been a negative study in many news reports. So why on earth would I say that the increasing obese stats are good?

You see I am on antipsychotic medication. If it were the old antipsychotics there would be no claims about the obese. The old antipsychotics used to make its users twitchy. Imagine it is twenty years ago and you notice someone twitchy. “Are you a crazy person?” you might well ask.

But the modern antipsychotics don’t make you twitchy. Indeed their most common side effect is making the user obese. I am personally on these medications and it has made me sadly overweight as a consequence. When I first was put on the modern antipsychotics I had an increase in appetite. The only way this effect disappeared was when I was 50 pounds heavier.

So for those modern obese people? You have provided camouflage when I wished not to stand out from the human crowd and your heaviness shielded me from the stigma of being a paranoid schizophrenic. And it is for this that I thank you.

I don’t mind saying I’m schizophrenic to the people that know me. They’ve seen the behaviour and perhaps have judged and I don’t really blame them. But having physical attributes that say to any person who merely glances at me, that I can’t meet your expectations of normal, bother me.

And it is for this, obese people, that I commend you. Thank you for shielding me from excess judgement. Thanks for a little peace in this world.

Much like you, given a choice I would not be obese. But it is not as easy as choosing. There are many causes for obesity and I choose to hide behind that mutability.

So next time you are called out and it is said that the obesity epidemic is ruining North America? You can say that you are easing the stigma of that group of people that need antipsychotics.

Thank you. Stay strong. Peace out.

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