In Defence of Officer Bubbles

Some of you may have heard of “Bubbles” the Toronto G20 cop who threatened a female protester (henceforth known as the “force of evil”) with arrest if she blew that bubble and it landed on any law enforcement officer. The protester (or force of evil) did not blow the bubble at any law enforcement officer but was rounded up and herded into lockup a moment later. The whole scene can be seen here.

Now Bubbles clearly had a pair of sunglasses on during that fateful encounter. Still, a bubble blown near his eyes could possibly have penetrated this low level of defence. As well, if he had wilfully kept his eyes open, he might be stung in the eyes by the harsh detergent which bubbles are made of.

Also, if Bubbles wilfully kept his mouth open, the force of evil could have blown a bubble in his mouth. Thus Bubbles would be left with a lingering bad taste in his mouth.

And this is presuming that the bubble solution was standard issue.

Using police reasoning that is beyond most people’s abilities, Bubbles may have guessed the bubble solution was partly a strong acid, base or other caustic material.

The female force of evil could have been aligned with underground chemists. She held her bubble stick in such a way that none of the bubble solution could fall on her. Perhaps this was a wise precaution. The pavement where this altercation developed might prove officer Bubbles correct. Perhaps the pavement was dissolved at this site – imagine if officer Bubbles had been struck.

And, in this post 9/11 era it’s generally known that liquids can also be explosives. Perhaps the force of evil had access to adept underground chemists. Nitroglycerin is a liquid explosive and even a slight jostling can cause it to explode. If a nitroglycerin bubble were produced imagine it striking officer Bubbles. The breaking of a bubble may sound harmless to you, but from the bubble’s vantage it is a very harsh, violent act. Such violence could easily cause the suspected nitroglycerin bubble to explode.

Officer Bubbles controlled himself well knowing the possibilities that the whole of the general public had missed. It’s just possible that his actual life was on the line. But this time the force of evil was contained.

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