Big Bro: The Secret Plan for UK Dominance

The very first stage in this plan is the installation of video cameras everywhere. Practically everyone has heard of the ubiquitous cameras all over London. Recently bigwigs in the London video camera complex were worried that games in Europe, where contestants made a game out of smashing the many video cameras, would spread to London. But no fear. London has so many cameras that they can ID anyone masking up to take part in such a game.


The second stage in this plan was the spread of reality TV all over the world. Now we all knew it came from Europe originally but once this full conspiracy is going it should be obvious to all that the UK was the origin of this ‘fad’ that has lasted many years.

The shortening of song intros for shows has been present for many years, now. With many theme songs lasting ten seconds will we even notice when themes are so short musicians can’t even get a royalty for the music? This makes each show more inexpensive to produce.

Last in this secret plan from the UK will be to turn the populace of the UK into a nation of editors. That really is all that is stopping all that raw UK video from becoming show after show after show. With enough editors the UK will be able to flood the markets of all the English speaking world with cheaper video. Expect them to branch into reality movies next. It is already an accepted form called the feature length documentary.

Yes, Hollywood, you should tremble before this oncoming onslaught. And here you had labelled piracy as the one big threat to your mealtime. Maybe you will find that the biggest threat you ever faced was anonymity due to a more inexpensive methodology.

I for one want to be one of the first to welcome our new cultural overlords. God save the Queen. But can I have coffee instead of tea?

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