The Green Day Countdown

Now that the U. S. has entered a new stage of their space program, where their rocket missions are either done privately or in foreign Russia, many think that other remnants of the old space program ought to be updated. That’s why here at Many Rants we think the standard countdown ought to be changed. May we suggest the countdown off Green Day’s new song, Nuclear Family from the album Uno.

Oldsters might be unfamiliar with this particular riff of the countdown so expect some surprised comments when it is done at Mission Control for the next private mission.

“Everything looks good on the launchpad. We’re all expecting a successful launch.”

“10” “Wait is that the countdown already?”

“9” “But it started at T minus 23 seconds.”

“8” “Oh I get it the spaces are just different.”

“7” Someone at Mission control starts a Tre Cool drum beat.

“6” The lonely beat is augmented by a couple more console tappers.

“5” Head banging to the air begins at a couple more consoles.

“4” Not to be outdone others at mission control begin fist pumping.

“3” Even the unsuspecting reporter is into it now.

“5” “But that’s-”
“4” “-crazy.”
“3” “It’s double-”
“2” “-speed.”
“1” The reporter’s head implodes and then, right on cue the rocket starts lifting as the opening strains of Stay the Night, the next track off Uno, begin playing.

Now granted, the reporter’s head is only going to implode the first time this is done. I have to say, that particular recording would really be worth watching.

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