Someone Forgot His Oath This Morning

The Green Lantern plummeted out of the sky quickly. Suddenly his ring made a giant green bouncy castle and that is where he landed.

The gathered scientists just coughed and kicked stones, waiting for the superhero to stop bouncing. Finally he bounced out into the throng of scientists. “Whose idea was it to use the Doppler effect to defeat the yellow energy beast?”

All the scientists pointed to Dr. Charles. There was a green flash and then he was gone. “Stupid man. Makes me look like a fool and then wears a white lab coat.”

A brave scientist spoke, “Did you point your beam through the telescope?”

“Yes. I can’t aim it as well without the scope.”

The scientist continued, “What kind of telescope did you use while you were flying so fast toward the yellow energy beast that its colour blue-shifted, Green Lantern, sir?”

“Why a normal telescope, like the one I used as a kid though far bigger.”

“Green Lantern, sir, can you show me a small mock up? It could be important.”

Green Lantern said nothing as his ring gave rise to a green telescope.

“Ahh,” said the scientist. “That’s a refracting telescope. You need a reflecting telescope- one without chromatic aberration that can turn a solid colour into many colours – including yellow. ”

Green Lantern made a book about telescopes appear. “Show me in here.”

The scientist pointed and then a green flash appeared and he disintegrated.

“Let this be a lesson to the rest of you of what happens when you don’t tell me everything I need to know. You’re all so stupid – all in your white lab coats.”

“But we’ve told you how to defeat anything yellow.”

There was a green flash and that scientist, too, disappeared.

“Do we have an understanding?” Green Lantern almost shouted. The scientists mutely nodded.

“Now can you tell me again, how to defeat the yellow energy beast?”

They told him carefully and the instant he was gone all the scientists ran to put on yellow clothes. In case Green Lantern got it wrong again.

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