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The Star Wars Crapfest

Star Wars is half decent entertainment for your buck. There are interesting visuals, a fast moving story and even some growth in the characters at times. But it isn’t very good science fiction. Why is this a problem for me? … Continue reading

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To Boldly Go Where Men Have Gone Before

By now many of you who are old Star Trek fans will have heard the news that James Doohan’s (Scotty’s) ashes have made it into space. And I bet some of you are thinking neat, and I’d like to put … Continue reading

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Being Negative About Positronic

Isaac Asimov filled his robots with positronic brains. Positronic was largely a buzz word. The recently discovered (1940’s) positron inspired the name. Asimov may have known more. Like for instance the positron was the antimatter version of the electron. So … Continue reading

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