Bigger Hogs

I wonder if it’s just my imagination or if the average motorcycle is actually getting bigger. Now some people may be concerned with noise so they might want smaller motorcycles. I say let the motorcycles get bigger.

You can’t blame the biker. After all they just want something bigger between their legs. But in my bigger motorcycle stance there is something that some motorcyclists might not like.

I wouldn’t want motorcycle engines to grow. They have enough c.c.’s as it is. I want the size of motorcycles’ mufflers to grow. I want the muffler to be so big and efficient that it makes the motorcycle sound like the tiny whine of a gas sipping compact car.

For too long the world has only felt sorry for those people with houses close to the airport. I say we extend that sympathy to those on common motorcycle roadways. Those people suffer just as much. Just not as badly in the winter.

While having this idea in my head, I came across this article that talks about motorcycle noises beginning to be regulated across Canada. This article takes the sensible view that motorcycles along with loud cars (in my estimation there are 19 loud motorcycles per every loud car) should be subject to the same noise regulations.

But I personally think that since some noise proponents are taking the fireworks defence, I say we go there, to the fireworks offence.

Fireworks in most of Canada seem to be regulated to being used on three evenings of the year – Victoria Day, Canada Day and New Year’s Eve. So maybe motorcycles should only be used three evenings a year and let’s make sure that one of those evenings is in the middle of winter.

To me the fireworks offence should be legislated from sea to sea to sea. Then, perhaps I won’t ever feel that familiar shaking of the whole street caused by a single rider on their motorcycle.

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