Brave, Brave Donald Trump

Brave Donald Trump proved that he is indeed in the home of the brave, by bravely pressing some buttons on Twitter and uttering an opinion. In a nutshell this brave man dared to oppose a sitting government.

Bravely the Donald wants Americans to leave all Ebola patients in Africa. Bravely he pointed out that Ebola fighters, who try to slow down the current outbreak in Africa, know the risks so should be banned from treatment in the good old USA.

Bravely the Donald also wants flights from those impacted countries to stop immediately.

Two Ebola fighters have been taken in by the sitting government and given experimental treatments on US soil. Bravely the Donald opposes this.

Implicit in the brave Donald’s position is a willingness to cut off American research to stop or slow the spread of Ebola. Those two Ebola fighters are being used to test the experimental treatments under controlled conditions in the USA. If the Ebola fighters had been kept out and flights had been banned from impacted areas (as the Donald wishes), it is obvious that the Donald wants the whole American scientific effort to halt.

And if a new illness starts in the good old USA, I expect brave Donald to stay put and expect full travel restrictions on himself and his fellow Americans. Gleefully and bravely he might find that those outside countries don’t bother trying to cure that new scourge in the USA. Only then might the brave Donald be pleased. Bravely pleased, that is.

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