Maybe Uranus Will No Longer Be the Butt of All Jokes in the Solar System

We amateur astronomers and other language police have all shook our heads when the many, many of you have mispronounced the name Uranus into common English words. We have then chastised you although we were once amused by this low humour at an earlier point in our own lives. We’re too mature to laugh anymore, or so we tell ourselves, when the truth is we no longer laugh because it is such an old, old joke.

But maybe the times are a-changing. It has now been speculated that Uranus harbours the correct conditions for liquid diamond seas to exist. And what you may ask would be floating in these seas? Nothing but mammoth diamond icebergs. Uranus may have just gotten its most perfect revenge on the English speaking world.

I must say when I wrote my introductory post about changing turds into diamonds, I never thought there could be such symbolism in the heavens. You can make fun of the richest planet in the sky but you can never do it again to its face. Well played, Uranus.

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3 Responses to Maybe Uranus Will No Longer Be the Butt of All Jokes in the Solar System

  1. Nicole says:

    Funny!!!!!! We are enjoying your blogs…..keep it up!
    Lil sis

  2. Luane says:

    i like your title…

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