I Don’t Want to Say What This Post is About

I don’t want to say what this post is about or I’ll fall into the same trap as these other fine headline makers did. Just look at these train wreck headlines I found under Science in Google News:

From Giant Freakin’ Robot: NASA scientist wants to explore inside Uranus.

From Popular Science: Uranus’s quirks and hidden features have astronomers jazzed about a direct mission.

From IFL Science: Why planetary scientists think it’s time for NASA to probe Uranus.

It makes me wonder if it’s even possible to have a non suggestive exploring Uranus sentence (uh oh, I fell into the trap).

The following headline makes a good attempt:

From Hot Hardware: Planetary scientist issues desperate plea for NASA to probe the icy depths of Uranus.

This was a good try. I think that icy is not something you usually associate with your anus. I say nice try because the kid inside me still burst out laughing when he heard this sentence.

Why probe Uranus at all? (I did it again!)

Well as suggested in this long ago post of mine, Uranus may have liquid diamond seas with diamond icebergs floating in it. (and again!)Of course they are going to explore it. Such raw wealth available for the taking. It’s better NASA gets it than those billionaire rocketeers.

But this true mission will go up unexpected by anyone because we all expected the whole thing was just one big joke.

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