Grab Bag o’ Humour, March 2023

While I was in early elementary school, they did the Canadian switch from imperial measurements to the metric system. So I was one of the first grades to come up to the spots where they used to talk of units and conversion. These spots were huge. It would take just a few minutes to understand the metric units and conversions, but we were booked for a full hour, or whatever had been necessary with the imperial system.

No wonder I learned to daydream in school. With all these useless gaps it was easy to get through doing this. I wonder if school is still like this. Or did they manage to squeeze those unit of measurement time periods into smaller bits so they could teach other things? I think that probably they did. Otherwise some kids would use that conversion time we never needed to make spit balls or make and use paper airplanes.


I just noticed that in a block of 6 commercials in a row, the first 4 had only black people as the stars. The fifth one had white people and the 6th one had no people at all.

Now this doesn’t always happen but that it is happening at all is a sign of progress. The ads originated out of Toronto, on Global, during the Drew Barrymore show.

More than half of Toronto’s population is visible minority, so it’s about time this happened. That I noticed this first on Global which is not considered to be a progressive network, is interesting. That it happened during the Drew Barrymore talk show is also interesting. Drew is of course white and on at the same time as Jennifer Hudson’s talk show on another network, where J. Hud is a black woman. Better representation has already gotten here and I just noticed.


And speaking of Drew Barrymore, you might wish to know what kind of content she hosts. Well I’m sorry, but I haven’t yet noticed the representation on her show, and whether she is being progressive or not in that area. But I did notice one quote that just rose up and slapped me in the face.

Drew said while promoting some product that, “I have no capacity to B. S.”

Yes this is a direct quote and Drew is an actress.

If she has no capacity to B.S. she is a horrible actress. Beings she has been hired as an actress, multiple times and in some good films, you would think she’s an okay actress. So the sentence she said must have been a lie. So her current job of helping to promote things on her show, means that sometimes she lies about the virtues of what is being sold. Oh, Drew!

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  1. Gram Mardude says:

    “More than half of Toronto’s population is visible minority”

    I don’t think that “minority” means what you think it means…

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