The new Tangerine ad has people having to go through hoops on the way to work, at work and anywhere they have to move while at work. Unfortunately, I can’t find this ad on YouTube, yet, so I hope my descriptions are enough.

I think this ad is supposed to show a dystopia, but I can’t help wishing that it was real. I’ve always preferred to get my exercise by accident. Which was fine long ago when I worked at a lumber yard and a pavestone yard. But after those jobs, I didn’t really keep up on getting exercise that way.

Now seeing these hoops around a normal office job, I bet I could keep in shape there. Lifting my legs high enough and stooping over my upper body to get through the hoops I bet is wonderful exercise. And it’s all done in the normal course of the day.

I bet it keeps you awake to go through hoops like that. Could this be the tipping point we need to banish caffeine from our everyday life? We could stay awake with exercise instead of drugs. And in the great coffee pendulum, the last study I saw a couple weeks ago said coffee was bad for you. I’m aware that the pendulum may swing back. But still caffeine is a drug and maybe we can use one less drug in our lives.

And with all this wonderful exercise we could get at work, maybe we could save some money on gym memberships. We would no longer need to go to the gym because we would be getting all our exercise at work.

And don’t forget the time we are saving by not going to the gym. Remember, time is money, and in fact now we would be getting paid to exercise at work. So put up your hoops all you evil employers, and you just might end up with a healthier and happier workforce.

So Tangerine, you’ll have to excuse me for seeing your work dystopia ad as a work utopia ad. But I would also like to say that this utopia is not for everyone. The hoops would be road blocks for those with disabilities. And elderly employees might not be able to work through these hoops also. So may I suggest a second floor for these people without the hoops. Because I believe in an inclusive utopia.

It figures that a company, when thinking about a dystopia, comes up with something that could be seen as a utopia. Which might also mean that when they’re chasing utopias for the company, those become dystopias for the employees. I guess that’s capitalism at work,

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