Are You Taking a ConCERN Position on the Large Hadron Collider

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider or LHC has drawn so much interest that some of it is negative. There are fears that we’re dealing with forces of nature we don’t know how to control or how they fully work.

Look, that’s always been true when science pieces together something new. There were also rumours that playing with chain reactions with fission might start an uncontrollable reaction that would use the whole earth as fuel.

An Indian girl was so concerned about the LHC starting up a couple years ago, that she reportedly committed suicide.

I don’t want any repeats of that suicide, now that we are creeping up on 2012 and the so called end of days the Mayan calendar is supposed to represent.

Firstly I don’t believe the Mayan calendar predicts a doomsday scenario. That calendar simply stops in 2012. It was made such a long time ago, the Mayans figured that somebody would extend the calendar or a new calendar system would be in place, this far into the future.

Secondly, every so often there seems to be a doomsday prediction that turns out to be nothing. Remember Y2K? Or the Jupiter Effect? Doomsday predictions are far more common than actual doomsdays.

So, I hope the end of days of the Mayan calendar in 2012, combined with CERN’s LHC working does not convince other young souls the end is so near that suicide is viable. I don’t want any more suicides.

So here is CERN’s own site to hopefully calm you about the supposed doomsday. They say that reactions in the LHC have occurred in nature before and yet, say, the moon hasn’t been eaten by an originally microscopic black hole. They also say that every theory scientists have constructed that don’t have a good outcome have all been disproved. Theory is on the LHC’s side.

That the Higg’s particle has been called the “god” particle doesn’t mean that any god or gods have been angered. And theory seems overwhelming that any microscopic black hole will evaporate away and never grow into something large.

There is little to fear next year. I just wish the young would take a chance and live through a doomsday prediction, just to see how ridiculous such beasts usually are.

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  1. Now that the Large Hadron Collider is all set to begin its ‘Big Bang’ experiment again in late October/early November, do you expect another fear frenzy gripping the global public, like last year?

    can you give reasons for your position?

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