Call of the Intolerant

I bet most Canadians would be able to identify which party in their province or federally is the least tolerant. And I bet the answer would be the same for almost every respondent. I don’t even have to name them for this article.

I used to think that this party was just stupider than the other candidates up for office. But, you know, at least one racist or homophobic scandal hits this party every election cycle. I no longer think the leaders of this party are stupid. I think they let something slip each election cycle to appeal to a certain kind of voter.

The leaders of this party will probably deny everything and try to stay as respectable as the other parties. But I think they do know what is going on. Even the racist and homophobic voter needs a party. This party chooses to woo that vote.

The election cycle thing? Well every few years, new voters come to vote in elections and they don’t know which party is most homophobic and racist. This party needs to alert them, thus there are the regular scandals for this party.

Here is the latest scandal in the Ontario election. If you don’t know which party I’ve been talking about, the answer is at the link. So I guess I don’t have to hide it any longer. Tim Hudak is backing this homophobic and by all reports, incorrect propaganda. He is so sure his homophobic stance will win support that he is not distancing himself from it.

Woo woo! Look at me, I’m being intolerant, just like a segment of the population. Vote for me.

And although that segment of the population has been forced to become quieter I not only believe they exist, I also believe they will vote for Tim Hudak.

To some extent political correctness has driven them into hiding but I know they exist. You see I wrote a post called Repurposing Some Racist Jokes. I have over 170 posts so not every post or its tags is in my top 20 Google searches. “Racist jokes” is on that top twenty list. I think the majority of these searchers are looking for racist jokes for their “entertainment” and aren’t looking for me.

I had some worry about writing this post that I, too, am leading the racist or homophobe to the Progressive Conservative Party or the federal Conservative Party. I don’t want to do this. But I believe that shining a light on this scandal tactic will eventually drive it away. So, if I’m still blogging in future elections, expect a post when scandal shows Canada’s right wing to be bigoted. I’ll say, “That’s what they intend.”

I’m really hoping that the right in Canada will eventually weed out its own.

Oh and I realize this is a conspiracy theory. So some context about conspiracy theories I’ve believed or disbelieved might help you.

I don’t and didn’t believe 9/11 was an inside job. The fact that the buildings fell almost straight down? Gravity was by far the greatest force on those buildings on that day.

For many months I believed the “Dubya” conspiracy theory that Iraq was actively seeking nukes and other weapons of mass destruction. Yes even governments can have conspiracy theories. Of course “Dubya” was proved wrong after invading Iraq.

To believe or disbelieve is entirely up to you.

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