Only Coke Would See a Bright Side to Living in a Big Brother State

Have you seen the latest feel good television advertisement from Coca Cola? Here in Canada and I don’t know where all else they are showing good deeds caught by surveillance cameras. All to the strains of the sweet song Give a Little Bit by Supertramp.

I won’t give away the entire commercial but there is a part where some young man steals a first kiss from a young female. And there is the part of the commercial where a man pushes what I presume to be a stalled minivan off the railway tracks and escapes the train by only a second.

If we didn’t have surveillance cameras installed everywhere we might never have seen these heartwarming moments. Coke has found the one bright spot in a big brother state.

But why stop here Coke? The Soviet Union also had cameras rolling from time to time. Perhaps you can find something in the KGB archives that is heartwarming. Like a young man stealing a kiss from a young woman. Now maybe that young woman’s family objects and was connected to high places in the communist party. So maybe the young man ended up being sent to the Gulags. Still it was a sweet moment.

Cameras were also certainly around in Nazi Germany. Perhaps there is brave film of a Slavic father taking a bullet for one of his defenceless children. That’s at least as heartwarming as the train incident. Only with more serious consequences.

How about it Coke? Support the Big Brother state as far as it goes. To Soviet levels of intrusion. To Nazi levels of intrusion. To Orwellian levels of intrusion.

After this commercial, I bet Coke will do better than Pepsi for the government employees of CSIS, the RCMP and other law enforcement agencies that are the architects of the new big brother state.

Perhaps Coke can expand to all security personnel including security guards, prison guards, bouncers and private investigators. Your ad might get you the politically well connected and a large part of the court system.

If the majority upholds the police/ big brother state, then maybe the majority will drink Coke. Maybe Coke can then finally out Pepsi for being a terrorist. What a sweet day that will be for Coke.

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