There Must be a Stash in the Big Bang Theory

I feel a kind of ownership over the Big Bang Theory. After all the show features 3 physicists and an engineer. I have 2 ½ years of university level physics to my name. I’ve even been asked about it. But the best insight I offered was the core group is into all the nerd things. Nerd things are known for being incredibly time intensive. Like learning Klingon for instance. I don’t think the central 4 would have enough free time with their intense occupations to add all the nerd hobbies.

That’s all I had to offer. Secretly I wished I could say something as simple as the Friends cutup. Which was “no way could they afford such large apartments in New York with their salaries”.

But thinking of the Friends cutup I thought of apartments. How is Penny, the waitress, able to afford her own apartment while two physicists, Sheldon and Leonard are sharing an apartment in the exact same building? Physicists usually earn more than waitresses. Certainly more than a waitress at “the Cheesecake Factory”.

The scientists in the show must be socking all the money away. The question is then “where?”

The sensible thing would be putting it away in investments. Like for a rainy day. Or for a marriage. Or for retirements.

The core group in the show may be logical but are not truly sensible. So where is the money going?

Well it was even shown in an episode that Sheldon had a safety deposit box with gasp comic books inside.

My theory is that the central four hang out at the comic book shop all the time looking for deals and to invest in risky comic book futures. That way they get to have something they love and might also be able to retire on.

So who’s the richest? Well Leonard has to pay for a car and half a rent. Sheldon’s richer because he just pays half a rent. Howard fares about the same because he pays no rent but has to get around on his own. And Raj? His family’s supposed to be rich so he might not even need anything for retirement. Sure he might have to pay full rent and for a car, but a lot of the extra money is pure mad money.

Regardless, if you are invited to see any of the foursome’s comic book collection I suggest you go. There might be rarities. I bet Sheldon has the Flash issue number one.

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2 Responses to There Must be a Stash in the Big Bang Theory

  1. Sheldon and Leonard have a much larger 2 bedroom apartment. Penny does have a bedroom (although the series creators ought to have made it a bachelor.

    Even so, nerd hobbies can run into very large money 🙂

  2. Larry says:

    Oh, and a lot of their trips are paid for by the university, the government or NASA.

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