Vertical Stripes

Sports fans sometimes are bewildered by things in other parts of the public sphere. Where they can go on and on about the whys and wherefores of each subtle movement in the game of their choice, they are at a loss to explain even commonplace actions in other areas.

I say let’s help them out in the sphere of law. To make things ever so much easier for them, we should dress our judges in vertical stripes. And instead of a gavel they can have a whistle. This will make things so much more explicable to the sports fan.

Then we can easily explain away the trials of one of their stars, O. J. Simpson. The leniency of the first trial was countered by the harshness of the second trial. We can say it in one simple sentence and all the sports fans will get it. The harshness of the second judgement was to play even up in the game.

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