Months Long Vampire Party

The months long vampire party should just be winding down at the South Pole. The vampires had thrown off the shackles of the daylight cycle and escaped past the Antarctic Circle for the months of permanent darkness. So freeing was this that they partied at will. How many penguins lost their lives to the vampire bloodlust? How many Antarctica researchers fell to the vampires’ need to feed?

Some may say that the vampires can’t stand the cold. But I say creatures that can kill intelligent, feeling prey willingly and often, know something about cold.

Indeed, I doubt that even one of those wintering Antarctica researchers will remain untouched. A second reason for us humans to not winter in Antarctica.

But the sun approaches and at the equinox not even the South Pole itself will remain free of daylight. Those creatures of the night will have to again deal with the tyranny of the day/night cycle.

But not so long from now, the Arctic will turn into permanight for its few months.

The vampires can feast on caribou, wolf , even polar bear. But far more satisfying will be the Inuit peoples.

The northern vampire party will not be able to last as long in a few years as it is expected the winter ice will only last a decade or so longer. Land in the north does not reach the north pole, so Greenland and other northern islands will be the best that partying future vampires will be able to do. Still I imagine there will always be some form of a northern months long vampire party.

Maybe the vampires will be after my head for alerting readers to their habits. But I have my own trick.

I will lay in wait in my lair with many panels of mirrors and my trusty wooden stake crossbow. Any vampire that enters my lair will see 30 images of me and not know which is the correct one. I will see just one vampire.

Around the equinox, I expect my lair will smell with the death of the undead. Where’s your pseudo immortality then, vampires?

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