Only 4 Continents

The lie has been spread for so many years that many believe it is true. That lie is that there are 6, or maybe even 7 continents on Earth.

But anyone with working eyeballs and a simple world map can tell you that there are only 4 continents. Eurasia-Africa is the largest of these continents. Next in line is the Americas. Third is Antarctica and finally the diminutive Australia.

What has led to these lies? Some say it is simple continentalism or nouveau racism. Proof of this might be that the International Olympic Committee is based in Europe(or Eurasia), yet strangely no Olympics in the past or planned for the future have ever been held in Africa.

More surprising is the Western Muslim/ Eastern Muslim schism. But to this very day many Eastern Muslims claim they are Eurasian and are not part of the same continent as Africa.

There is also a schism in the Americas. It blatantly exists between rich North America and poorer South America. Right here in Canada, it has paid off in the past to be in the US sphere of influence, rather than, say, the Brazilian sphere of influence.

There is a surprising twist, here too, as Spanish speaking Mexicans say they are North Americans and thus cut themselves off from South American brethren like say Columbia who also speak Spanish.

This nouveau racism isn’t so new. Over a century ago Africa was physically cut off from Eurasia by the Suez Canal. And similarly the Panama Canal now physically divides North and South America.

Don’t believe the subterfuge being told that these Canals are important for world trade. That is just a convenience being told to downplay continentalism. The primary purpose of those canals is to divide the continents.

Mark my words, in the future there will end up being a huge, huge canal separating Europe and Asia. There will be some trumped up commercial reason for it but really it will be about having 7 continents at long last. If this becomes reality, continentalism will finally win.

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